Functionally Speaking…(Children)

As a parent; I have to admit that such a daunting task as raising children will run any stable, sane person through a gambit of emotions… One thing that I must say is that without mine I wouldn’t be the individual that I am today nor would I be able to understand life and what direction will prove beneficial for me to take.  All I know is that, neither you or me, asked to be here… That is one thing that we all have in common… the fact that none of us nor any other child asked to be here.  It was a decision made without our consultation… which is why I cannot understand how some parents bestow a burden upon their children as  being the destroyer of their world…

Stability in adulthood and how that links to a successful bout at child rearing is another topic for another post… one that I surely look forward to tackling in the near future.  However; the idea of children in general is one of abundant means, selfish foundations and, strangely, selfless devotion… To truly undertake the glorious yet, at times, seemingly impossible job of raising a child is one that will make or break even the most organized, stable, and sane individual which is why I tried to take my own personal convictions out of the issue and to approach it from a somewhat more ubiquitous angle.

Some understand the complete and utter depth of the task while others take light of it as if it will somehow guide them through unscathed… never the less, one must understand that no child asked to be here so to act or treat that child as a burden that is unwanted is to negate the fact that without your direction, no matter how just or unjust, by way of self guidance that child would not have a place in this world… I believe that my true point is that complaining about something that you willingly brought upon yourself only denotes your weakness in mind, body and soul… To take advantage of the responsibility and structure that comes along with rearing a child is to align said mind, body, and soul in a unified effort to preserve, sustain, and grow.  Without the right perspective one could very easily be weighed down by the inevitable cloud of negative energy that will surely follow if responsibility is not fully taken for one’s actions.

I write this with the shear unwavering strength that my children have brought me but also with the humility needed to fully understand that not all people, though physically capable, are completely capable of giving a child the necessary environment needed to nurture and grow in a manner that will promote stability in an effort to further sustain life.  I was an individual that, although I truly enjoyed the intrinsic and extrinsic qualities of children, had pretty much resolved to the high personal probability that I would never have any of my own… well I am here to tell you that it is the people in your life that dictate its direction… not so much of who they are and what they want but more like why they are in your life and why you want them there.  The mind works to interpret life while the body does its best to contend with the physicality there of…  something that we all would do well to remember.

My initial take on children all changed when I found someone that I wanted to have children with… now I know that the insight and experience that I have had bestowed upon me due to their presence in my life is something that I will never be able to saturate nor live up to completely… however; the amount of joy that I get just seeing them smile is something that all parents can relate to… Just remember that smile when they do something that they aren’t told… just remember that feeling that you get when you look into their eyes and see genuine happiness. They will challenge you like nothing else known to man… just remember that they didn’t ask to be here but without them… would you really be living…?

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Functionally Speaking…(Love)

My original text stated that Love, was one of the key talking points of this blog.  My question to you is what can love do for you?  Better yet; what can we do for love?  Through my actions as well as my thoughts; I have come to an understanding that love, though often attempted to be quantified, still remains largely misunderstood.

 Individually speaking, I will always seek logic in times of uncertainty; however, I remain unyielding to the light inside…the same light that binds us all.  It is the unknown certainty of love versus the overwhelming physiological proof that continually weigh its very notion in the balance between positive and negative, good and evil…one might even go so far as to say life and death.

In a world where people fight and die everyday for what they believe they love; I ask you where does the line actually fall?  Where does one draw that line…is that line even a reality…?

Scientists tend to contextualize the very idea of love…we’ve all heard the explanations dealing with chemicals that release in the brain that can be directly correlated with love.  Trouble is…that particular chemical is not registered in any actual capacity…meaning it is not, to date, on any known periodic table…at least not one that I have come across lately.

So we come full circle in the understanding that love exists without the scientific proof…I mean, do we really need anymore proof that the feelings we have for those that we love…?  Personally, I don’t think so but by gaining a true understanding of what we want, need and already have can align the body, mind and soul in a manner that can seek out love while filtering through the heartache that is sure to come…

There is one thing that scientists agree upon and that is the fact that love exists.  One must understand that it can, at best, be quantified as a chemically induced state of mind resulting in actions and/or feelings toward other individuals with countless catalysts that speak to their development.  If something can be quantified in terms of energy…which all living things can…then it can be said that love is as simple as a transference of positive energy…just as there are different degrees of transference; there are numerous degrees of love.

If it is safe to say that all living things can be quantified or explained in terms of energy; then wouldn’t it be safe to say that focusing energy with the intent on projecting specific signals be just as quantifiable?  In any case, it is safe to say that love is a representation of what hangs in the balance…pure, strong yet vulnerable to manipulation.  The fact that it hangs in the balance between reality and the conscious perception there of…will always be sufficient amount of fuel to ignite the debate of the unknown.

I ask you… what does the unknown truly mean to you and do you think that it is largely feared out of adolescent negligence or merely appropriated as such…?  I’m inclined to believe that the answer in right in front of you at all times…I guess the real question is whether or not we are ready to open our eyes…?

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Functionally Speaking…

In the beginning…it seemed that I was lost in the darkness just as we all have been at one point and time or another…through the challenges of love, life, and the pursuit of all things beautiful I have learned that my actions, efforts, and shortcomings have culminated into the man I am.  I constantly battle between the man I am and the man I strive to be… only to come full circle in my realization that there is no difference… only the amount of work you put in constitutes the amount of reward…

As a man living, learning, and growing within a society lost in the translation of superficiality, greed, and negativity; it became clear to me that, although it might seem as though I am alone in this particular perspective, I am not alone…others deserve a place that can be free of negative energy… enriching of positive growth and development all while seeking to strengthen us all through knowledge of ourselves and the world around us…it is my express goal and concern that in order to grow and develop into anything worth mentioning; we must seek to combine the natural rhythms of mind, body and soul in a manner that is mutually beneficial resulting in a united front aimed at achieving a unified theme of mutual benefit, growth, and transcendence.  

I stand before you humbled yet motivated through my experiences demanding the opportunity to do more than survive…knowing that there is one thing that binds us all…Energy is abundant and boundless…it is my intention within this blog to promote nothing but positive energy while expelling any and all negative energy that comes my way…if my unique experiences have taught me anything – it would be that nothing is as it seems… hidden agendas rule the world and our continued ignorance in regards to truth has done nothing but cause our bonds as well as our personal energy source to steadily weaken…

Issues that plaque us everyday; no matter how trivial or complex, affect our bonds leading to the continued diminishing of our own personal energy source which, in turn, weakens the bonds that are necessary to free the wonderfully abundant energy that lies within us all…



These are the issues at hand and thus will be the talking points of this blog…I invite you to relinquish your preconceived notions about all of the topics mentioned above and, instead, share your knowledge in an effort to gain the strength needed to rectify the negative aspects that plaque us all…




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