Functionally Speaking… (Dating in a digital world)

We all live in a technologically savvy world… as a result; we tend to disconnect from each other while making new connections everyday.  What ever happened to just plain old simple face to face communication…?  I have always been a person that enjoys technological advancements but have always prided myself on my ability to communicate the old fashioned way… this mixed approach has resulted in my realization of some harsh realities… Take dating and beginning new relationships for example; In today’s world it is more prevalent to find a woman online than at your local eatery… some might note the convenience factor as a positive but I have to admit that one gets a bit discouraged at what is potentially out there once you actually take a look.

Dating sites have come a long way over the years and many strong, serious, and loving relationships have blossomed via the internet.  However; I, for one, would rather not put up with sifting through all the fake profiles, undercover transsexuals, and aspiring cam models.  Whats with the people that randomly pop up in your friend list…?  I don’t know about you but I put my information online in an effort to communicate and spend time with genuine people.  “NO… I don’t want to visit you on some weird webcam site… nor do I want to put in my CC info!”   Honestly, who in their right mind is weak minded enough to be susceptible to such deception…?   It has been a while since I seriously dated and debated back and forth about creating a profile on a dating site… The truth of the matter is that I honestly believe it has passed me by… I really don’t know if I want to meet someone online as it is proving to be nothing more than a gauntlet of immaturity and hopelessness.  

Don’t get me wrong… I am, in no way, lacking in self esteem nor am I lacking in my ability to communicate… Through my experiences with online dating; I have learned that I more than prefer the old fashioned way of meeting people and that is by casual conversation… who know’s; maybe I am going about the whole online dating thing all wrong and that is why I haven’t found what I was looking for.  In any case, I can tell you that I am sick of creating a profile only to be contacted by individuals with ulterior motives… If I send you a message its because I genuinely am interested and would love a conversation… If you don’t want one with me then I definitely understand… I have respect for everything and everybody but have no patience for those who refuse to be honest and talk to you like you haven’t got a brain in your head just to get you to pay for access to their webcam…!  Just one question…. Why?  Why, after reading my profile, would you think that I am okay with paying to see you on a webcam… I’m not some punk kid looking to get his rocks off… I am a well rounded, loving, good looking real man who understands, cherishes and genuinely loves the company of a good woman… I only want to communicate and interact as such… nothing more nothing less!

If there are any others out there that have similar or conflicting views then, by all means, comment and share your stories… I am expressly interested  in what you have to say… 



About Starchild

Grew up in the country... nothing like a small town. Luckily I have been able to enjoy overseas travel as well which has given me a unique perspective on life, love, and the endless pursuit of happiness. As much as I love the country; I love the allure and the bright lights of the city as well. Trouble is... I always come full circle to realize that a simplistic approach to complexity will always yield the most well rounded approach and the most complete understanding there of. Been through a lot at a young age and as a result I find myself in and out of hot water when engaging in conversation with others of all walks of life... I seek out the slivers of comfort in any and every uncomfortable situation I can find... I find that it yields the most interesting conversation which, in turn, leads to the most interesting people... After all, everything I have ever learned I learned the hard way via the souls that I met along my journey of self discovery! I wouldn't have it any other way!
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