Fuctionally Speaking… (Ringing in the New Year)





As the final hours off 2013 count down it leaves me with the lingering notion of what New Year’s resolutions are all about… On one hand it promotes a change… whether positively or negatively impacting… change is something that we could all benefit from.  We have all been there… running back through the past years in a flash… looking to make a resolution that we feel will benefit us in the year to come but what we rarely stop to think about is how each resolution relates to one another.  

The typical resolution consists of things like quitting smoking or drinking…. with exercising and loosing weight coming in at a close second and don’t get me wrong; stopping health hazardous habits and starting health conscious ones are always a great idea… trouble is; we rarely keep up that initial energy toward sustaining these types of resolutions.  After a few days… maybe a couple months and in some cases, a few months go by; we are right back into the thick of our old habits but why? Why does the initial burst of energy wane after the new year comes and goes…? 

In my experience it is the, often overlooked, details of any situation that dictate its direction… to elaborate further; I would have to say that the feeling we get at the very notion of a new year is one that is earmarked with hope, excitement and anticipation… all three are welcoming and tend to project positive energy which in turn give one the confidence needed to make necessary changes… However; once that magical day comes and goes one is always left with every other aspect of life that is not in our control.  Unfortunately for us it is the aspects of life that are out of our control that usually have the most impact on decision making.  Little things like your boss at work who has no leadership acumen and talks down to his/her staff but always seems to be the golden child come promotion time… things like bad traffic and high car insurance… things like that unwavering 10-15 extra pounds that no matter what you do you just can’t seem to loose.

You see, life is in the details… as the details dictate life!  New Year’s Eve is but a snap shot into a person’s life… it just so happens that we pack all that has weighed us down into that small window without a true understanding of what amount of energy and effort it will take to be free of that weight.  What we as human beings often fail to realize is that we don’t have to reserve that energy and effort for just one day… Imagine what type of impact that type of effort would have on your life if you put in that effort on a daily basis…? Imagine how easy that that stubborn extra 10-15 lbs would be to loose if you woke up everyday with the same motivation you do on the first of January…? Imagine how quickly you could land the position at work that you truly want and deserve if you came to work everyday with the same motivation you have on the first of January…? Im willing to bet that same mediocre boss wouldn’t even equate into your immediate existence as he/she wouldn’t be in your life at all…

The point I am trying to make is that the magic of New Year’s Eve and the idea of a resolution is pigeonholed by limiting its abundant energy to just one day!  By sustaining that energy; even when the odds are against you, I’m willing to bet that life, in general, will be filled with more passion and genuine love!  This year I am not going to make a single resolution… instead I will attempt to wake up everyday renewed in my desires to accomplish my goals and realize my dreams in an effort to carry the magic of New Year’s throughout the entire year!  I challenge us all to do the same!  I definitely believe that it is easier said than done but just having the right ideology in regards to your efforts will further you along in the ever constant quest to align mind, body, and soul… which we can all agree is the best version of ourselves!  This year my resolution is to live in a permanent state of resolution in regards to taking the necessary steps at ending my weaknesses and living my strengths to an infinite proportion…  

Happy New Year to us all…


About Starchild

Grew up in the country... nothing like a small town. Luckily I have been able to enjoy overseas travel as well which has given me a unique perspective on life, love, and the endless pursuit of happiness. As much as I love the country; I love the allure and the bright lights of the city as well. Trouble is... I always come full circle to realize that a simplistic approach to complexity will always yield the most well rounded approach and the most complete understanding there of. Been through a lot at a young age and as a result I find myself in and out of hot water when engaging in conversation with others of all walks of life... I seek out the slivers of comfort in any and every uncomfortable situation I can find... I find that it yields the most interesting conversation which, in turn, leads to the most interesting people... After all, everything I have ever learned I learned the hard way via the souls that I met along my journey of self discovery! I wouldn't have it any other way!
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