Functionally Speaking…

Yes folks, it is that time of year again… Halloween.  The one day of the year that it is socially acceptable to embrace concepts of blood, gore and evil.  My question to you is why?  What in the world makes it okay to glorify horror?  Please don’t get me wrong and write me off as saying that it isn’t that serious and that I should just let the kids enjoy their one day to gorge on candy but we live in a world where kids gorge on any and everything that is thrown in front of them with no regard for personal preservation.  We live in a society where the toys we give our children only further glorify this new age of immediate gratification… the food we feed them is pumped full of artificial substances that are all but sure to further diminish their future health only to critically jeopardize the future of the human race.  No wonder topics like the rapture and the zombie apocalypse have become the forefront of discussion and entertainment… could it possibly be that we realize that we have done an insurmountable amount of damage to society as a whole… so much so that we almost feel the need to wipe the slate clean…?

Instant gratification, as a concept, makes sense but as a way of life; it will only continue to degrade and decline the very existence of humanity.  Studies show that the toys we give small children only lead to ADD/ADHD.   All of the pretty colors and audible tones presented with an educational undertone has done nothing but condition our children to develop shorter attention spans.  Due to the ease of information; we have retrained the future of society to spend less time, energy and effort in regards to a concentrated effort at retaining information which can only lead to a decline in cognitive brain development in early childhood education…

I don’t know about you but, as a parent, I am truly frightened at the thought of an intellectually underdeveloped and malnutrition-ed workforce tasked with the interaction and succession in a more complex and technologically savvy world.  The thought of the potential disastrous outcome from just the gap in communication, alone, is enough to drive a parent to drinking… As technology rapidly replaces old fashioned man power… physical jobs decline and give way to intellectual prowess leaving all those in the future workforce to fend for themselves ultimately resolving to mindless, dead end jobs or illegal activity which only puts more stress on society as a whole.

As the gap between blue collar and white collar widens; so do the negative implications of the socioeconomic constraints that so heavily plague society and pillage tax dollars on a daily basis.  What happens when technology completely replaces the need for old fashioned craftsmanship?  What happens when there are no more construction jobs or when the trades unions finally fall victim to cheaper labor provided by machines with virtually no insurance liability?  The unions have only been able to survive this long by their political foundations and alliances but eventually the notion of construction by machine will prove too lucrative that developers will have no choice but to cut the endless liability in regards to   health insurance and competitive pay wages.  Why would I hire a human that needs to be paid for his/her time and demands health insurance but can only work a certain amount of hours a day when I can run a machine day and night with no complaints or personal conflicts?

This is just one example of an endless amount of possible realities to potentially materialize in the not so distant future.  We live in a Cancer riddled, radiation infested, artificially enhanced world that can only be described as a glimpse of the future… After all; technology is only revealed when it has been appropriately positioned to benefit those that are in control of that technology… One can only conclude that if you don’t have the intellectual capacity to benefit the advancement of technology but no longer have the opportunity to interact in the physicality there of then you will fall through the cracks… resulting in a desperate attempt at survival which one can only further conclude as participating in illegal activity; only to further crumble the, already unraveling, fabric of intercultural interaction.

So if our future is ill equipped at sustaining concentrated cognitive ability for longer than a few seconds due to attention deficits but technology continues to grow at an exponential rate then what does that mean for our future…?


About Starchild

Grew up in the country... nothing like a small town. Luckily I have been able to enjoy overseas travel as well which has given me a unique perspective on life, love, and the endless pursuit of happiness. As much as I love the country; I love the allure and the bright lights of the city as well. Trouble is... I always come full circle to realize that a simplistic approach to complexity will always yield the most well rounded approach and the most complete understanding there of. Been through a lot at a young age and as a result I find myself in and out of hot water when engaging in conversation with others of all walks of life... I seek out the slivers of comfort in any and every uncomfortable situation I can find... I find that it yields the most interesting conversation which, in turn, leads to the most interesting people... After all, everything I have ever learned I learned the hard way via the souls that I met along my journey of self discovery! I wouldn't have it any other way!
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