Functionally Speaking…

In the beginning…it seemed that I was lost in the darkness just as we all have been at one point and time or another…through the challenges of love, life, and the pursuit of all things beautiful I have learned that my actions, efforts, and shortcomings have culminated into the man I am.  I constantly battle between the man I am and the man I strive to be… only to come full circle in my realization that there is no difference… only the amount of work you put in constitutes the amount of reward…

As a man living, learning, and growing within a society lost in the translation of superficiality, greed, and negativity; it became clear to me that, although it might seem as though I am alone in this particular perspective, I am not alone…others deserve a place that can be free of negative energy… enriching of positive growth and development all while seeking to strengthen us all through knowledge of ourselves and the world around us…it is my express goal and concern that in order to grow and develop into anything worth mentioning; we must seek to combine the natural rhythms of mind, body and soul in a manner that is mutually beneficial resulting in a united front aimed at achieving a unified theme of mutual benefit, growth, and transcendence.  

I stand before you humbled yet motivated through my experiences demanding the opportunity to do more than survive…knowing that there is one thing that binds us all…Energy is abundant and boundless…it is my intention within this blog to promote nothing but positive energy while expelling any and all negative energy that comes my way…if my unique experiences have taught me anything – it would be that nothing is as it seems… hidden agendas rule the world and our continued ignorance in regards to truth has done nothing but cause our bonds as well as our personal energy source to steadily weaken…

Issues that plaque us everyday; no matter how trivial or complex, affect our bonds leading to the continued diminishing of our own personal energy source which, in turn, weakens the bonds that are necessary to free the wonderfully abundant energy that lies within us all…



These are the issues at hand and thus will be the talking points of this blog…I invite you to relinquish your preconceived notions about all of the topics mentioned above and, instead, share your knowledge in an effort to gain the strength needed to rectify the negative aspects that plaque us all…





About Starchild

Grew up in the country... nothing like a small town. Luckily I have been able to enjoy overseas travel as well which has given me a unique perspective on life, love, and the endless pursuit of happiness. As much as I love the country; I love the allure and the bright lights of the city as well. Trouble is... I always come full circle to realize that a simplistic approach to complexity will always yield the most well rounded approach and the most complete understanding there of. Been through a lot at a young age and as a result I find myself in and out of hot water when engaging in conversation with others of all walks of life... I seek out the slivers of comfort in any and every uncomfortable situation I can find... I find that it yields the most interesting conversation which, in turn, leads to the most interesting people... After all, everything I have ever learned I learned the hard way via the souls that I met along my journey of self discovery! I wouldn't have it any other way!
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One Response to Functionally Speaking…

  1. Beautiful! I look forward to an interesting and enlightening conversation! 🙂

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